VW Golf Extreme makeover: RollGolf 2.0 #2

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! I’m Milo And here we have a cut in half VW Golf Last time you’ve seen we took the midsection out of it and today I’m going to weld it back together again But without that midsection of course! You know what a funny detail is? It still runs if I’m right time to see if it fits.. I think I should make it as short as possible And then see if I fit in I can remove more The first weld of the new RollGolf and this weld connects the two halves Special moment… But I think we will need a lot more welds to make these halves stick together Yes! It doesn’t break in two! So that’s good, hey Diesel What a tiny car, it’s welded together This Golf is a bit shorter then the first RollGolf I think it’s a difference of 10cm Let’s see if I still fit in Uh.. yes? Cosy in here! Plenty of space! There’s even space for a 2nd seat! Take victims for a drive! Yes! I need to adjust the floor plate It’s not handy with the pedals But I think it will work Nice man! That”s not bad at all for a first testdrive It still needs a bit of work I’m glad it didn’t break in two It’s connected with a few welds only I expected it would be strong enough Especially for this short drive on my driveway It’s a pity I don’t have more space to test it tough So the idea is: Next week I put it on the trailer and we’ll go to a location with more space So we can test it tough! And maybe I will do some more welding overthere So it won’t break in half Yeah.. sweet! Hey folks! Thanks for watching See you next time!

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