VW Golf R Review 2016 (EPIC) Why this should be your next car.

Come on – Right Go into..
There’s a launch control in here somewhere. No again.
Have you got to be rolling or something? Mode
Doosh Like that. Everything is…everything …is.
Ok Engine Noise
Done! (Music Dynamic)
There’s a reason why I was very excited about doing the Golf R today and its not just because
it’s one of the best driver’s cars in the world, its because this is a car that doesnt
cost that much to run, and you can use it every day. That means this is a car you can
actually own rather than just… think about. (Engine sound pulling off)
Well we’d all light a performance car but in reality you’d be surprised just how quickly
the novelty can wear off. One minute you feel like hero the next minute nobody really cares
except you. By the time you’ve shown your friends your
just left with the bills and your scared to park it anywhere!
And thats a think I call fun per pound. Is it really worth it?
And with the Golf R, because of what it costs the fun per pound is… spot on.
(music starts) (we are the people – empire of the sun)
VO: Well the best known car experts also agreee that the Golf R is an outstanding machine,
they don’t really say anything negative about it.
Apart from one thing. They keep saying that this car, is …
Expensive for a Golf. Do you know what? I don’t agree with that
because, I think what’s more accurate is a standard Golf is expensive, I think that is
a fair statement, although I dont think its fair to say that this is, because if you consider
what you get, this is the same money as a 4 Series SE with small wheels and a two litre
engine, or one of the new attractive Mercedes Benz C Class Coupes.
Neither of those cars can do what this one does.
VO: He’s right you know. What a very intelligent man!
4.9 seconds, 0-60, 4 wheel drive so there’s no torque steer, and incase you are wondering,
this car is yes, faster than the new Honda Type R, AND, the Audi S3, Sorry. Nails them
both. Right from a start going right is it going
to spin, go. Coming up to a corner.
Down, brake, turn in, off the brake, back on slowly.
Argh, Ok, its 4 wheel drive don’t worry. Here we go. Back, on the brake heavy on the
brake, off the brake, lift off, accelerate. (Exclamation)
Want one of these. Well actually there should be some negatives
really at this point so we should do some. Um.
Ok. We should … do some.
Right Erm.
… Nope.
Here’s a bit of trivia for you. Did you know that in America you can’t get a armrest for
The Armrest is really good, its got this kind of wierd design, where you pick it up and
whereever you leave it, it kind of stays. That… is my … favourite thing, that. I
am… so.. Right subscriber of the week, two awards this
week. The first goes to Gentlemen’s entertainment
venue Spearmint Rhino. They didn’t say anything, they just subscribed,
thought that was er.. worth sharing. And Simon G said. “I’ve never really understood
why people do these reviews” Right, thank you Simon.
Oh, and before I forget, did you know that.. “Inchcape Swindon, has the largest selection
of used Golfs in the UK” … No I didn’t know that.
(engine starts and revs ) (military war style music rumbles underneath)
VO: You know for me there was a time that VW were part of a group of cars I liked to
call… well, ordinary. And they were only really popular with me
because I could get a sub in the boot of one. Mine would rattle, annoyingly, and it was
bumpy and inside it always seemed to smell of magic tree.
But today all new performance golfs, change everything.
And you know what. There’s nothing ordinary about them now.
Music Ends.

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