Wellesley Dental Group – Office Video

Craftsmanship⁠— it’s a word that I don’t use loosely, but the idea of craftsmanship— the family really does take great pride in the work that they do. To call Dr. Ali “just a dentist” would be like calling a Ferrari “just a car.” He combines some unique skills —he is an artist They’re not like my dentists— they’re more like my family They’re the best. Our practice is unique because we are a family business I’m very blessed that I get to work with my parents who have been amazing mentors to me And that is really special because we share a really common vision I think it’s compassion and care— and it’s knowing our patients. I just think it has a very different vibe than going into one of those big warehouse-type clinics. I always tell everyone that this is my daytime home So you need the comforts and the sights and sounds that are pleasant to us But on the same token, if you see inside, it’s like loaded with technology If it can make the experience and the final result of the quality that much better— every dollar is worth everything that we invest in. We are on a constant pursuit of education and the constant pursuit of failure that keeps us energized We want our patients to feel like we know who they are personally, not just what their teeth look like. We want to be able to look at the whole person and be able to deliver a treatment that’s appropriate to⁠ not just solve any tooth disease, but also kind of the person as a whole It’s not “you walk in you need a crown today.” They’ll let you know “we’re watching this tooth or that tooth.” “We’re keeping an eye on it.” And they’ll tell you multiple years out. They give back. I know it. You know during Halloween they collect candy from the kids so that they don’t get more cavities and they actually send that candy overseas to the Troops. I love my Town. I love Wellesley. Wellesley has given us so much. We came to this town with nothing. I would say I’ve received more than I’ve given. We do a whole lot for the town but still I don’t think it’s enough. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than when my patient feels that they had a really great experience. Smile has a lot to save for people. It’s their confidence. It’s who they are. And if you can give somebody that⁠, the rest of their day will be better⁠ and the rest of their life⁠— they’ll carry that confidence with them. Doing whatever for them is, you know like it’s doing something for your loved ones and that feels very rewarding ⁠—and that makes me happy

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