What Every Golfer Needs to Know About New Irons!

okay over the years I’ve had the Mizuno
MP 33s I’ve had the MP 62s I’ve had the MP 68 and now now we’ve got
the Mizuno JP x9 one not okay so in this video we’re talking about what you do
would you get a brand new set of iron’s now you should have been fitted so
everything’s you know fit to your specifications mine are these are two
degrees flat for me standard length and so I’ve got the dynamic gold s 300 105
shafts in here everything kind of built for you know my you know swing abilities
when you get your irons you really want to do something so that they’re gonna be
a little different than what maybe you tested or hit somewhere else so we need
to know what’s going on so I’m gonna use my swing caddy ester c300 and it’s gonna
help so I know now that I have my clubs in my hand what might get my carry
distance is for every iron we want to know that
and the gapping between clubs and with this said I got the four through gap
wedge and I also want to test out my pitching wedge and gap wedge to see if I
want to keep those in the bag or go to let’s say my sm7 for my pitching wedge
and gap wedge sand wedge lob wedge I used it for my sandwich and lob wedge so
I definitely want to make sure the gap beings are correct and there’s not too
much distance between let’s say my gap wedge with this set and my sand wedge
from my s my Voki sm7 so and if there is then I just swap out the jpx pitching
engine gap wedge and I bring in the bow keys for that because I’d rather have a
distance between my pitching wedge and 9-iron more of a gap there then let’s
say my gap wedge ant a wedge that makes sense anyways we’re gonna go through it
get our numbers so that you know what you got
and then we’ll do a full review of these bad boys in another video this is just
how to make sure you’re dialed in for your new set of irons oh and there are
links below for all the gear I’m using and there’s a discount link for the SC
300 by swing caddy if you’re interested in that to check that out get a little
discount on this bad boy so the first thing I’m gonna do to start is compare
my new gap wedge with my sm7 to see if we’re kind of in the same ballpark in
terms of distance and that kind of thing so let’s do it
first up is my old gap wedge yeah that’s about where I like it I
don’t like it to go too far I’m about a hundred 102 yards with stuff with my old
one that’s not old but that’s my SM 70 so let’s see what my my jpx get okay now we kind of know what our gap
which carry distance is so we’re going to switch to the pitching wedge so we
know that and the distance between those two clubs so I’m gonna go through this with my
entire set of irons and just so you know where you’re at which with each club so
you can do this at the range in your net with your launch monitor whatever you
can do to know your carry distance for every club especially right after they
draft you get them and you want to get used to that and so you know immediately
when you hit the course how far every club on average with the decent shot
goes so go through the whole bag like this there you go just a little little sneak
peek at the jpx 9 1 9 these feel really good first time I’ve hit them and what
you should do when you get a new set of iron’s and really how what’s important
it’s carry distance is going to be your key factor in knowing what you know you
could do out on the course so know your carry distance with your irons
especially what hit you when you get new irons you’re gonna know it’s gonna be
different than your old irons to some degree and you got to know what a good
shot equals and what a bad shot equals so that you can make good decisions on
the golf course when there’s trouble in front of you or behind you and that’s
that kind of information is really gonna save you out on the course because
you’ll know hey if I hit a bad shot it’s only going 180 not 200 and where’s
trouble or you know where’s your miss any time you get new clubs this is
information you’re gonna need to know so comment below let me know your thoughts
and we’ll do a full review on these coming up really soon so thanks for
watching love you guys we’ll see you in the next video you


  • Great backyard setup! ⛳

  • What is your swing speed for a 7 iron? Surprised you went with 105 over 120 gram shafts.

  • Great advice .

  • I have the same issue almost in that my set PW goes too far and creates too big a gap between my GW and SW. how will you make up for the additional 10 yds of carry between your Mizuno gap wedge and your SM7 SW(which if it’s a 54 should be about 20-25yds gap)??

    My wedges are;
    58 @ 80yds
    54 @ 92yds
    50 @ 105yds
    45 @ 127yds
    9i @ 138yds

  • Really want to swing the new mizuno irons! They look amazing!

  • Jamal Washington

    Great information, I plan on getting fitted this Spring.

  • Daniel Castresana

    I agree on this went from rocketbladez taylormade to nike cci forged tour irons and lofts are much weaker so knowing your pw is 130 from 143 is a good thing to know 7 iron went from 175-180 to 165-170 so its very smart to know gapping.

  • How do you know your shot distances when you hit into the net?

  • Daniel Castresana

    anyone who wants to serious about golf get blades it's the only way to truely improve your swing.

  • Andreas Kiriakou

    The only problem is that the instrument you use no way measures distance, but only the speed of the head, which should not be that much different.

  • WoW

  • Which model 919? Hot Metal, Forged or Tour?

  • Use a sharpie to write the distances on the shaft below the grip. It will give you confidence.

  • Morgan Resta-Flarer

    Question on the SC System. I hit balls at a range with poor balls that they tell me are "limited flight" (they seem so as they don't really go anywhere). Will the system be accurate reading those balls as if they were full flight or will it report closer to what they are actually doing?

  • Snap ha ha just got a set of these… today.

  • Didn’t know you were a fellow Mizuno buff! I’m currently playing a slightly outdated MP5’s. For some reason, I thought you were playing Titleist AP2’s. Anyway, great video and recommendations.

  • I have the JPX900 forged and love them…I also use the jpx900 hybrids to replace 3 and 4 irons.

  • I got that same clubs! Love the sweet spot

  • Totally agree. My old irons were 10 year old Taylormades. My new ones are cobra f8 s. The new irons have 3 degrees less loft than the old irons. My new 5 iron goes about 10-15 yards further than my old one. I went to a simulator and hit the old irons then the new ones. Exactly what you did. Quite a difference.

  • I would think you would also want to do this with your irons if you decide to go with a different shaft…

  • Why did you go with forged instead of tour? Considering your old clubs were blades

  • Should be checking carry distance with your game ball?

  • Is the swing caddy even that accurate?

  • Stephen Scheibel

    I just got fitted last week. I have the Jpx 919 1 1/2 upright and the Nippon modus NS 105 stiff +1/4. Can't wait for the snow to go away.

  • Did you get them purred? Where did you get fitted? I recently got fitted at Club Champion & was introduced to purring clubs. I only got a driver and it was purred and made a difference from my old Nike speed.

  • I’m 6 feet tall. If I buy off the shelf clubs will they be too short?

  • good tip, I gap all my new iron sets, I use the skytrak. I like comparing the carry yardage with a draw VS a fade, it helps with tucked pins or back pins. The interesting thing is I am hitting today's 7 iron farther then I did 30 years ago, now with the lofts I can only go to 5 iron. I don't have the club head speed for the 4 any more. I really enjoy your video's keep them coming.

  • I am considering the JPX 919's, most likely at the end of this season. Did you use the Mizuno's Swing DNA for the fitting?

  • I've got those irons and they are 🔥

  • I click on the swing caddie link and then click buy now. It lists full price. How do I get the discount?

  • Benjamin Hargraves

    Don’t Mizuno irons run 1 to 1.5 flatter on lie than most manufacturers?

  • I got fitted for the cobra one length irons last year, and they got me to regionals!
    (All clubs are 7 iron length; 5i-GW)

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