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all right today is going to be an
exciting that’s not gonna be that excites sort of exciting well a lot of
you been asking for it so let’s go alright thanks for stopping by glad
you’re part of the journey a lot of people been asking me what’s in my bag
so I’m gonna go through it today so you can see what’s new for this year sky
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device different way they’re watching so fish around this there don’t worry
bet you’re curious what’s in there okay let’s start with the obvious this is a
Volvox TAF bag am i on staff at Bhavik no did they pay me no uh-uh
they just sent me a cool bag since its coolest bag I have I use it all the time
so that’s what’s housing all my stuff plus I carry a whole bunch of stuff so everything that it offers ok training
aids like a ball got launched – all kinds of stuff I’m lugging around with
me so I like a giant bag but if I’m walking playing off I do not use this
bank so there you go alright let’s jump on in alright the flatstick you know
obviously you’ve seen it a lot this is the odyssey xo7 putter and i cut it down
about an inch and a half put my lamp King grip on there which I love and yeah
to be honest with you I’ve tried to not use this putter numerous times because
honestly I don’t like the shape of it it’s not actually I prefer the kind of
more Scotty Cameron you know that Newport to look but I just put so much
better with these things how I’ve got to use it and I’m not a fan of the shape
but I am a fan of the roll so I love the face love the deal it’s
gonna stay until something else performs better but it’s in the bag and I don’t
like because I don’t like the big head other clubs bang on it when I’m getting
a minute out and it’s just that’s just me I got I got issues I know okay but
that’s that all right I’m carrying three bulky sm7 wedges all right and they all
are supporting the night dynamic gold ass 200 shaft and I did regrip them with
a Lampkin grip which I love I have a 60-degree with 12 degrees about D grind
it’s got my daughter’s name on it right there my next one is my 54 degree with
10 degrees abouts s as in Sam grind it has my son’s name on it there Bo then I
have a 50 degree wedge sm7 with 8 degrees of Bounce f as in Frank grind
has my other son’s name on it right there all right
boom those are all the same I do have one of those in a pitching wedge that
has my wife’s name on it but it’s not in the bag I know I know it should be but
it’s not here’s why because of the fact of it’s just a gapping problem not a
wife problem okay it’s gapping that’s it there’s a better gap relationship
between my Ben Hogan PTX Pro irons that I have in the bag there’s a better gap
dispersion with this pitching wedge moving into that gap wedge therefore
that’s why that’s in the bag because I’m using these irons which are all my irons
pitching wedge through four iron Ben Hogan
PTX Pro irons I just recently did a review on that so be sure to check that
out as well I’ll link it up here for you as well these are my favorite irons I’ve
used three different sets of iron’s this year a Mizuno a Titleist and now these
are in the bag and they’re gonna stay in the bag for the foreseeable future I
love them I have the KBS torvi 110 stiff shaft on these and they do have the Ben
Hogan uh it’s a lamken grip have all Lamkin grips on my irons
wedges and my putter so I like that alright hybrid here we go
it is the TS – I love this hybrid once I hit it oh I knew it was the club for me
it’s got the hazardous smoke shaft on it it is a 80 grams stiff flex and I have
this in the a1 position that means something to you
pretty standard I mean I don’t like anything shut I don’t know anything shut
so if anything it’s open but a1 is busy I forgot exactly what that means but for
me that’s good absolutely love this guy right here favored hybrid I’ve ever had
and I played a ping prior to this for like seven years so it just got replaced
with this guy the three metal very important club for me and I got the ts3
Titleist three metal huge fan of the Titleist metal Club this has a even flow
project X 6.5 X stiff shaft 75 grams so it’s a little heavier gets my swing just
everything’s working really well with this 15 degrees of loft again a one
position for the hosel adjustment and we got golf pride grip on here I do like
the golf pride grips as well as the Lampkin but these have golf pride on
them love this thing that this is the best sounding 3-wood I’ve ever hit in my
life and I mean it it’s a game changer for me so check out the ts3 from
Titleist love it the big dog yeah Titleist ts3 again we’re in the a
one position on the hosel pretty standard for me this has the standard
length it has the Evenflo 6.5 X flex 75 grams so flat people give me a hard time
because they saw me my swing speed on a previous video I’m like alright you’re
sorting it out of extra ah your swing smooth anyways
look flex doesn’t always equal because of
swing speed although I was suffering a back injury and I wasn’t I’ve been
swinging as fast as I was when I got fit and getting my swings feedback as my
back gets in shape so leave me alone okay they don’t get back there don’t
worry about it but the weight the flex and the launch angle it all comes
together to determine your flex okay you have a high launch angle and a lot of
spin you want stiffer shit anyways that’s complicated this is what’s in my
bag I hit it really well it’s a 9.5 degree
loft by the way and this adjustment here is just neutral I don’t have the weight
on either end it’s pretty standard so there you go on my big dog
I carry three alignment sticks covered by the mr. short-game alignment stick
cover I think we’re sold out of these or there might be one or two left link in
the description below let me know if you want me to get more
of these and put them out there for you okay maybe we’ll go white with green
next time you let me know what you want okay let me know how I blow my current
rangefinder is from voiced caddy the sl1 rangefinder
it has a nice stabilized image inside it is also a GPS and you can turn this on
it’ll locate the course it’ll give you your green here and give you some slope
like indicators on the display as to the the break of the green the hyams
anyways you got to turn it on it does a whole bunch of stuff but check it out
link below for this as well but it is my current launch monitor right now launch
modern it’s my current rangefinder this guy plus it looks cool and it’s a cool
case in my bag I keep the swing caddy SC 300 portable launch monitor absolutely
love this thing so if you’re looking for a launch monitor you could take with you
this is in my bag all the time put it down the range I put it on the course
put it all over the place figure out what’s going on launch carry
distance swing speed smash factor syncs up with your
phone does a whole bunch of stuff discounted link down below so be sure to
check that out right there well and it’s what I love you can see it right in the
bright sunlight can be shining right on it you can be up you can almost be on
the Sun and still see the display you might be dead though but the Sun shines
Scott great display my glove okay I’m either using the Titleist glove
you know high-end leather or Volvic makes a solid equivalent glove as well
use that so either one if you like the Bullock
one is solid like I like that kind of orange little coloring through there so
love it and Tyler love they’re both the same just different names okay on the
ball what ball do I play I either play the titleist pro v1 or the pro v1x I’ll
go back and forth but I usually would play just the pro v1 I also play the
Volvic s3 and s4 so those are the equivalent probably one probably one
access three would be the pro v1 s4 be the pro v1x and I like them both the
same I typically play the s3 more off but I don’t know I’m real I can evolve
it balls and I like them as much as the tireless so honestly they’re nearly the
same ball but I’ve been playing a lot of volume anyway for some reason whenever I
want to hit it far I pull out the s3 orange ball because I hit it farther
then on average than anything else there’s some science behind it has to do
with the color not the color of orange but the color that I perceive you know
so anyways it’s like everybody perceives color a little bit differently so
sometimes you see one color better than others therefore you would pick it up so
it’s not necessarily the orange is me and the orange combination so there
might be a color believe it or not that you hit farther than other balls and
it’s the identical ball anyway so whenever I want to hit far I sporran I do keep the tour striker playmate in
my bag hook this on you know it’s a little swing trainning aid that’s the
training aid I keep in here in case I need it so I did a video review on this
too I’ll link that up here as well so you can check that out it’s pretty
awesome training aid alright so there you that’s what’s in my bag
what’s in your bag comment below what kind of irons you using what’s your
driver what’s your what’s your ball preference just leave a comment down
below what do you like member you’re using some of the same stuff maybe not
but either way that you might like to know what I’m hitting when I’m playing
with my everyday my everyday carry EDC is peeterman kidding when say so hope
you liked the video smash that like button subscribe to the channel love you
guys and see you in the next video don’t forget this I left one of these on
the range one expensive mistake you


  • By the way, your videos are great!

  • Matt…You're digging yourself a deep hole…Stop while you can mate lol!!

  • Lovin your content recently, really improved from last year I think! Would love to know what kind of wedge lofts I should carry in my bag. I use a 60*, 54*, 52*, and 49*. Bought a callayway MD4 last year and it’s my 52 so I’d def keep in the bag but the 54 and 49 were included with my irons and my 60 is a top flight I got from Dicks for 18 bucks lol

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  • TM M6 Driver cobra fly z 3 wood TM M117* hybrid BH Vktr 21* hybrid BH ptx pro 5-pw irons BH equalizer 50 54 58 wedges in a TM walking bag.

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    Srixon 585 5/6 steelfiber 110x
    Srixon 785 7/8/9 steelfiber 110x
    Cleveland rtx4 46 steelfiber125x
    Cleveland rtx4 52 steelfiber125x
    Cleveland rtx4 58 steelfiber125x
    Odyssey O Works 2MC CS
    Srixon Zstar Xv
    Srixon Zstar leather gloves
    Flightscope Mevo

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    D: Ebay Cleveland launcher 460 ca 2006
    3W: Dont carry, cant hit it
    5w: ancient Titleist ebay special
    Hybrid: Titleist TS2 my awesome club
    Irons: Taylormade ebay rocket blades
    Wedges: ebay Callaway Mac daddy 3's
    Putter: ebay Nike method matter mallet
    Bag: Cheap Top Flite stand bag
    Balls: Refurb Pro V1's
    Gloves: cheap Taylormade
    Shoes: Nice Footjoys, spent some $ here

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    Cobra king forged MB Irons
    Titleist tour soft balls

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  • I have the same putter and feel exactly the same about it. Never used mallet putters but it just works so well lol

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  • Glad it’s a gapping problem vs. a wife problem. I like the idea of putting my kid’s names on my wedges. I’ll be buying some new ones this year and will do that. Thanks for that idea! Keep on pumping out the vids… love ‘em!

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  • Cool Video!
    I use the same exact putter. Mine is 34".
    I've experimented with removing the 2 weights and leaving them open on super fast greens. I'm not 100% certain yet, because I've only played 2 fast courses, but I'm pretty sure it helps a little. Try it!
    I stole mine, brand new on an ebay auction for $90 April 2019! I love the feel off the face. Phil Mickelson won the Masters using the same hinge face prototype that is on these models.

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    that way if you leave it accidentally somebody can return it to you ….. Awesome clubs Look snazzy to …..

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