What’s inside an Exploding Golf Ball?

(slicing sound) – Hey, welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Dan, and I’m here with
this exploding golf ball. So, I’m about to go to the driving range, I’m going to try to trick Lincoln. He’s never seen one of these
before, so I’m going to give it to him and put
it on the tee and see if he can hit it and have it explode. Hopefully, his little,
young golf swing will be strong enough to hit this thing, but this should be fun
and then after that, we’ll come home and cut this thing open and see what’s inside. Let’s see if this works. (golf ball impact sound) Oh nice hit. (golf ball impact sound) Whoa! (Dan laughs) – Did you mean to do that? – Yeah Lincoln (Laughing) – Where did you get that? It’s a trick ball. It’s an exploding golf ball. (golf ball impact sound) (laughs) – It just explodes. You can see all the dust over there. That is cool. (golf ball impact sound) (laughs) – That’s funny. Check out my black driver,
it’s all white now. – Same with mine. – That was a lot of fun. What’d you think about that? – He just put up the golf ball and we were hitting real golf balls. So, he puts it on the
tee and it just explodes and I’m like, what? – Have you ever seen one of those before? – No. – No, that’s even better. This last week, I as at two
different golf tournaments and as a joke on the ninth or tenth hole, I threw this to one of my playing partners and they actually put it on the tee, didn’t think anything of it. It does look a little different, kind of like a wiffle-ball, but when you hold it,
because of the weight, it feels like a real golf ball, and so it’s easy to trick people with it. One thing I noticed when
we were at the golf course, is that when you hit it, the
plastic shell on the outside breaks into a lot if
different pieces, so I wonder if it really does kind of
explode or if we do just cut through a thin layer of plastic. But because we don’t know, we’re going to wear these
glasses just to play it safe, so we don’t get crazy dust in our eyes. We’re just going to use a
trusty little razor blade. It looks like there’s a line right there, so I’m gonna try to cut it down it. (laughs) – Is that thick? – It’s a little thicker than I thought. Probably could have
used a Dremel for this. Just cut right open. Oh. (laughs) It kinda popped out a little bit. Did you see that? – Yeah. – Whoa. Now it’s like, super easy. Oh my gosh. Okay. I broke it. There’s a little bit of the white powder. It’s obviously not going to explode, so I’m going to take these gloves off, since it’s hard to hold this thing. Okay. Here we go. Uh. – Woo. – It’s open. It’s a really light, plastic
ball, like a wiffle-ball. – And then there’s like, all this dust. – Let’s see it. (laughs) What is it? It looks like flour. Hopefully it’s just flour. (both laugh) (claps) Here, I’ll help you out a little bit here. (both laugh) There’s the white powder. Hopefully, it’s not toxic. (Lincoln coughs) – That’s what inside of
an exploding golf ball. – It’s everywhere. Hope you guys enjoyed that video. Go buy some of these if you like to. I’ll put a link to these
in the description below, they’re really fun. It’s great if you’re going
golfing with friends. Even if you’re just at the driving range and you want somebody
to have a little joke by giving them one of these balls to hit. Good times. A lot of fun. Time to go take shower and a bath and get a little cleaned
up, change our clothes. – A bit. – Thanks for watching. Please like this video if you liked it and give us some
suggestions on other things you’d like us to cut
open and keep watching. Thanks a lot. – Subscribe. (fast dance music)


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