WILL IT JUGGLE?! *Halloween Edition*

what is up everybody and welcome to a
special Halloween edition of will it juggle your favorite youtube series that
involves a spinning wheel and juggling again it’s probably probably only one
this series is all about your guys comments all your suggestions end up on
the wheels so make sure you leave a comment and give suggestions for the
next episode let’s just see what we got to start spinning first up getting crazy
to start off all right we’ve got the spiked club you’ve seen that in a recent
video but now we will see whether or not I can juggle it with two other crazy
objects all right we’re just going all dangerous gonna get all the dangerous
things out of the way on the first round okay we’ve got a hatchet spikes Club voodoo doll let me show you this thing
this is a bungler one of the toy companies sent me this this is the most
disturbing kids toy I have ever been sent and you know what we got a hatchet
the spike Club and this I think it’s too easy you know that means we’re spinning
a fourth time whoa I know I know I’m probably ready pumpkin vase this was a bad decision I
should not have gone on a fourth time okay this pumpkin vase is this little
decorative pumpkin here oh it’s a gift don’t break it
I was just about to say it’s probably gonna break if I drop this like shatter
into million pieces but let’s go see if I can juggle these
for Halloween items okay I might have bitten off a little bit more than I
could chew for this one which is saying something Oh what’s funny is I’m
most worried about this thing because it has a lid I think lids gonna fall off
and that might mess me up so I’m actually more worried about the
ceramic pumpkin then I am the spine club or the hatchet but let’s give it a shot it’s not gonna go up okay well I’m gonna
do one test throw with this thing okay so there’s the lid sorry about your
pumpkin Cassie let’s just go for it all right oh okay hold on that that
definitely juggle I am you better than sassy weird I’m
weird the Guru doll girl yeah super light oh yeah well there is around one folks
but I think it juggled right I did several catches I think so all right on
to the next thing well that was exciting back to the wheel baby pumpkins I think for this one we
just see how many I can juggle I can’t believe anything just works six-six-six mini pumpkins will juggle
seven is pretty difficult just cuz I can’t start it but I was pretty happy
with what I could do with with like five and six oh there we go the bloody machete I hate that obviously
not not too sharp I think I’ll be okay juggling it but it’s pretty big the
skull perfect hi I’m mr. bonehead you should give a thumbs up on this video
you’re a terrible ventriloquist I wasn’t trying to be a ventriloquist
she’s been really zoomed in on this guy hey is your own head
you should go like on this video cuz josh is awesome nobody would believe
that the school said you were awesome anyway school machete pumpkin bucket of candy all right
pumpkin bucket full of candy oh man that’s going to get candy
everywhere but I love it and I’m gonna do it while burning this creepy mask
because we’ve got it let’s go okay before I do this we give Instagram
shoutouts every single video someone that likes and comments on regular basis
on my Instagram casas Instagram – make sure you follow us here are those two
people for this video thank you so much for falling less a hard important at
juggling Josh okay here we go I I don’t know how this is gonna work
Candy’s going to go everywhere but these are the two things seemed pretty pretty
juggle Bowl oh yeah oh yeah my vision is a little impaired but not
too bad okay there we go Oh No Oh I made a mess you better pick it up
before people drive over all my candy that’s true
I think it juggled for a little bit weird ugly more sick sketches I’ve got
some candy everywhere but that is today’s episode everyone thank you so
much for watching make sure you leave a comment for the next episode of will it
juggle we love your suggestions that’s how this series works we got videos
every Monday Wednesday Saturday so make sure you subscribe you haven’t yet let’s
go to the beach hold on before we go I wanted to send a reminder I’m gonna
choose this in this video but we forgot I wanna send a reminder about this
month’s off the record for different Halloween themed challenges and you can
win a drone a blaster and a few other things so friggin Zak who said you can
click the card up top to go watch the video but the four challenges are
throwing candy into a bucket spinning with a pumpkin on your head stacking as
candy corn and unwrapping candy so go watch the video if you missed that one
and submit your videos with the hashtag or email us for your chance to win some
awesome prizes I think now we can go to the beach now I don’t know if a migrant Rose was
my friend religion you can

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