WOW WHAT A PAR 5 – Ebersberg Golf Club – Part 2

later switches 570 yards yeah 573 yards
hi guys welcome down to part two of at golf club Evers Burke we’re on the
Munich soil cart on myself cartas presently sadly one up cruisin cruisin
for a bruisin one up we’re on the full 13th or five hundred and twenty meters
it’s about five hundred and seventy yards now together it’s a beast and it
looks incredible so the hardest thing is actually the
visual because you can’t really see anything it’s quite a blind kind of shot
got to be hitting just left for this pile on what do you call an Indian so
many attorney this is a we get in the Indian summer on Tuesday when Tuesday
Wednesday hope so right come on alright Carter’s one up let’s go big
tries to clear that bunker oh yeah low in the middle we’ll see tiny
there well you know what it’s dry and it’s in bounce for the for the standard
apart for the standard apart one that’s pretty good you got to play the same
Lane Chris are you playing I’m gonna show respect to the course okay I’m
gonna show respect you showed it with lots of respect so huh just get on the
same board as the tenth the tempo is like really happy you know on German
soil had a nice breakfast enjoyed the beers
okay let’s see great drive yeah I think you left it as
well that’s a good shot hold on okay Chris you’re right now if you were me
sometimes III was your advice I wasn’t so surprised yeah so we found the bunker
this is well I just found the bunker I’m just a little bit further up Tony did
promises 570 yard Par 5 that flex could hit drive a 6-iron how far we got in
pledged to 80 course management zero out of ten you did actually pass good so
there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight what’s this going to be Fletch you
laying up towards there’s a lot of water so it does assume in and just pan around
we’ve got water there’s we pan around there’s the flag in the distance there
there we go just pan around so he’s probably get a
hit out towards that corner there try and get the fairway on the other side of
the water hope you like our boogie there in the background the delivery boogie all right 6-iron
lay up the time to play this hole in two very different ways oh yeah you’re
square after this super strike get over oops
yep I might lay up all right I might just chip it down there you
going for the green yeah like is apparently it’s quite tight to the first
day up to 16 to the flag with it being close to the front I’m I don’t know
that’s you going with six and yeah watching anything kind of right of the
flag if I’ve got a hung in line so I might miss them right to left in the air we’re putting heading I didn’t yeah shut
Cass I didn’t see that one second penalty drop of the vlog have you got a
good line there yeah well done good dropping pass you got spinning when it
drops right just going to zoom in just in case flex missed probably my best
shot in a while I called it at everything just Pam there you can just
see my ball on the side of the fringe so we’ve got that for Eagle or a might have
like three to win or two I’ve seen I remember in junior golf you used to
always get up and down from these sort of situations you said really bleep me
off yeah I remember those days to come up flash you’ve got this up and down that was really weird you could have had a football you
dropped it Oh weird both I got a crack in the ball right I fired up by the
green we’ve got fleshies that’s just found to the bunker
unfortunately my ball is there just on the fringe is a huge downhill so does it
count the real big spine go right through the middle of the green there so
I’m going to aim up – where’s in line with Flex use now and let it trickle
back down I think much is needing to get off and down I am a little bit worried
standing here first therefore this is for par it’s a great effort you can just see how
fast that slope is down so he’s got that for bogey I’ll just mate I’m gonna fall
put now mr. Noah you got some good coaching tips last night so yeah from me take over here Chris because I have no
idea what I’m doing we’ll see after this point of your
you’re the other one like it’s like or gusta yeah Mya’s low let’s come back Sally I tell
you what it’s a really good putt yeah it’s really good put is that for birdie
for birdie but I think I’ve had too many on on this hole remember birder done that’s getting
better it is thanks Carter well done mr. Carter if you could play a
little feed here yeah I made one berry good
it’s just told us off camera we’re gonna both bed itself feels like we just
played a 570 yard Par 5 done stuff isn’t that we’ve known no roll Oh trade over
the bunkers thing you are over the bunker yeah it’s right there guys yeah
yeah it’s perfect Oh perfect all right I’m after they okay no I call out a little bit outlet oh
yeah yeah hey I’m making birdie Tony just started to shake off those bears
now yeah yeah yep we’re on 14 yeah I got I used to go that’s a lie come good
Drive yeah something like a good Drive yeah I think I was right at the Sun Tony let’s see if we get this hot let’s get
this finish before part 3 okay bill the common half leches golf ball and a
little bit for chew just coming out of there and here is the ball now the
hardest bit about the shop is getting it onto the green we’re hitting back into
the wind it is a little bit into and off the left which I hope you watch you’ve
got to keep it left of this tree and then cut it back probably the wind
although that will walk low if you got 99 yards in about 150 140 130 130 as per
the right Club a bit breezy strong about wind you know oh yeah go on get the get the yardage yeah good
shot right left side of the green back that’s it
ready go yes sucker Penn its but you’ve set the viewers you’re gonna make birdie the lie makes you want to go left to
right and the wind will also yeah looks good
see when we get up there good shot matches up against it here this is for
birdie just make out my marker there pin-high just in there so chance of
birdie as well to birdie putts this is a yes a hard part because of the is coming
downhill very similar to what I had on the par 5 so straight down the hill it’s
all about the break the right speed I like you he’s just tailing away gonna
hurt another buy put up from that yeah to give you an indication guys I’m
actually told in colorful card from this fuck much of a decline is again yeah so
it’s time on the line sure oh you got a chance of half now you wish
you wish you gonna make this isn’t he everybody click like if you think he’s
going to make it now that’s it’s a mass hysteria Steve click like if you want
him to hold this pot go go go brilliant brilliant well done hopefully
this comes out just making our way over to the 15th tee just behind there we’ll
get a nice little view of the Alps hopefully if we get a clearer down one
of the golf course we’ll get a really clear view the guys in the class are
saying there’s two two peaks so on peaks with the snow and there’s a piece a
little bit smaller so really nice of you whilst playing it’s enjoyable poll
number 15 how far is it 392 meters so up for 34 40 yeah the longest course since
after him longest to be fair up the back tees a bit of rain over the past few
weeks and the fairways a bit damp but not damp odd not obviously running you’re like the best comment ever its
way right is it that Tony’s never played off these tees
I’m just good okay yeah I’ve just got that I mean I don’t know but I just done
that line that I did but I blocked it a little bit and then had a bit of a run
really played with the wind really looks clear to me but what do I know
Tony’s the man yeah even aim at the bunker name of the book is perfect area
because the winds quite strong a far left side yeah unless you just pure it through the wind the boss has watt wind you’ve gone straight out the bunker and
it’s not moved great sorry it in the bunker or just ahead of the bunker no
perfect just sure just short of that 220 meters right so off what’s the club by
five I in power this 5-iron really through the wind
I’m the green two foot from the hole a couple of putts I put a foot so far no
danger right is it’s only all rights for the flag which sounded like it right now
we know why I asked us to go write some more satisfaction with that one three
one eight three Teddy we didn’t have the Matt frier here to do the IRA tax would
be pretty good he does it well Oh is he like half Irish or something yeah all
these guys are half Irish everyone’s half Irish alright one eight three six
nine wins off the left oh okay and back into it left side of the green that looks good then it going right hey
with me see my apology though just a long pot mmm I’m get mine right so we’re
up onto the green I’m just there roundabout peni from the angle we came
in from flat she’s also just about 2 2 more yards flats and you’re on margins this is a really difficult chip so if I
just jump down here we’ll get a bit of an angle a so you can see how much of it
hopefully you can see how much of undulation is from the flight to the
edge of the green and then we’re flat you so he’s got one knee on top of the
hill pop it up that’s a great shot come on baby come on baby can I hate to be a
host you didn’t bring his pussy photo chippy that well course is long hey
Longines into green it’s hard enough to get near the flag some great courses in
Germany yeah pace looking good looking good tiny bit less
thanks that was it yeah it was very close
bit of drizzly rain yes is attested down the hill right right to left that’s all
by car to take your love wedged I’d be impossible to stop it short
I’m your opponent see these going come on Chris put a mother pressure – okay
all right okay Tony this is for you this is for you Tony
yep are you in that 25% very for me thanks guys Oh fiddlesticks
I hate go think you just think it’s the Baja this could be door me I think you
just try to make sure this part three tonight I’m gonna do I see always at
putting training this is where the little bit little bit of pressure here you weren’t saying that in the back of
the car this morning I’ll tell you that I need all the help yeah same Sony yeah yeah comment below
do you agree lots of hole no one gave it no no right
designed apart a crap way to end part three two bogeys right whoever’s burger
thoroughly enjoyable big thank you to Tony enjoying them on camera morning on
this Chris you have three holes to redeem yourself can still win oh yeah
and a big THANK YOU to Emma’s leg off Cup again we are here in Munich on a
four-day trip playing lots of golf’s and lots of blocks to come subscribe to the
channel lots of Cobra and Huber equipment to give away as the subscriber
list keeps on increasing positive social media platforms Facebook Instagram and
Twitter we’ll see you soon see you soon guys hey
guys take care


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