You’ll love your golf vacation at Kingsmill Resort!

Kingsmill is known for golf. From a players perspective, it is a name that
is synonymous with golf and allows people to know that hey I’m playing some really
really good golf courses. Kingsmill was really built on the back of
golf with 22 PGA tour events, 11 LPGA tour events, not a lot of places that you can go
that have hosted, 33 professional events and can have the opportunity to play golf. The golf courses here are unique, they’re
different in each regard. The river course by Pete Dye, the plantation by Arnold Palmer
and then we have the Woods Course, which is a, a great golf course and they’re trying
to achieve enjoyment through how they shape bunkers and how they contour greens, how they
create sight lines off the tee, of where to hit those tee shots. We want you to come out, we want you to enjoy
your atmosphere, enjoy the absolute beauty that we have around you. The river course has holes running along the
James river, the planation course meanders through the historical area of Kingsmill,
and then the woods course has no homes on the golf course out in nature lot of natural
ravines and green space around that golf course. All three courses are in excellent shape.
My favorite’s the River because of the view. I mean, it’s just a fabulous-a fabulous
golf course. Beautiful. That’s tour lawn. Golf academy has been acknowledged for all
of its teachings its been rated the top 25 academy’s in the country. Our academy is really designed for players
of all ability. We’re very fortunate to have someone here
like Chris but all the pros here are very very good. There are many schools which are 2 or 3 hour
sessions on one day and then we have multi-day schools could be 2 or 3 days and they’re
all designed with specific objectives in mind. It’s very important that you try and feel
what were doing in our process so feeling a little less wrist hinge as you go back. We have resort clinics, which while they’re
here during their stay, we- they can do a resort clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Friday or
Saturday so they have some time in between that to practice. It’s a great experience
playing the game you’re doing it for the enjoyment and spending time with the family
or friends and you’ll want to keep playing, you’ll want to strive to get to the golf
course each day.

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