Young Lives Matter Foundation – UWA: an innovative approach to saving young lives

So in terms of when I get in a really low
mood, first I’ll get the really heavy depressive feeling that comes over you. So it just makes everything so much harder
and for me, I will do everything in my power to try and kill myself. When I get really bad, sometimes my horses
don’t get fed, my dogs don’t get fed I can’t get out of bed. That’s when the ambulance gets called at that
stage. It’s been with me a long time. Over the last 10 years I’ve spent nearly four
years in hospital. It’s really pure luck that I’m still around,
which I’m extremely thankful for. Well it matters to me personally for lots
of reasons first of all I have had a lot of experience both personally and severe and
chronic and enduring mental health issues and I certainly have personal experience in
my family of having to manage the difficulties after suicide. Helping somebody like Cindy is a really good
exemplar of what the Foundation could do and so we’re delighted that we’re able to work
with people like Cindy, to be able to support and monitor and help actually learn from her
experience ways in which we can take that forward. I guess it all started maybe 30 years ago
when I lost a daughter, Melanie, to suicide. Suicide unfortunately crosses all levels,
all barriers, all ages. What we’re trying to do with our Foundation
is to identify Traits, which if we are correct will apply to all people. I think having a system that does evaluate
your risk and where you’re at much earlier, which I guess means that maybe you’re able
to prevent a crisis or save someone’s life.

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