Zlatan does the Sky Sports David Beckham Ad! (Parody Advert Ibrahimovic)

Zlatan does the Sky Sports Advert, but better. Parody. It’s Sky Sports biggest ever season with 126 live Premier League games. Who knows what to expect! Vardy!!! He’s broken the record again! Pfff… you mean Zlatan has broken the record… No, I meant V … What?! Yes, I meant Zlatan! Zlatan has broken the record! Haha. Well done, Zlatan. Rashford – he’s on for a fifth! Yes!!! He has learnt well from Zlatan! Mourinho must regret selling him now! No! Is that Becks?! No, I’m Zlatan, who the hell are you? I’ll save us from relegation! I like the new name for the Sir Alex stand. It’s the last game and it’s all to play for at both ends of the table… HELP!!! Damn you, Arsene! You’re about to get us relegated! Zlatan was right not to audition here. Zlatan – hi! Piers Morgan! I’m a big fan… …of your ego! And it’s Liverpool who win the league! BOOM! Pfff … #itcouldhappen? More like… #itwillneverhappen. Haha. Good joke, Zlatan. Good joke. How was the run? That’s none of your god-damn business. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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